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BLOODYWOOD ブラッディウッド [インド共和国]

  • July 30 (Sat)  11:00-12:00  GREEN STAGE
Karan Katiyar – guitars, flute
Jayant Bhadula – vocals, growls
Raoul Kerr - rap vocals
Sarthak Pahwa – dhol
Roshan Roy – bass
Vishesh Singh – drums
インド、ニューデリー発、母国の民族楽器でメタルを炸裂する インディアン・フォーク・メタル バンド BLOODYWOOD。

Bloodywood is a Folk Metal band from India known for pioneering a sound that seamlessly fuses Indian Folk instruments with Metal to devastating effect. Expect to hear the percussive power of the mighty Dhol, the melancholic Flute, the single stringed Tumbi and several other uncommon yet distinctively characteristic sounds from India. A combination of thunderous Hindi/Punjabi Choruses and meaningful yet unforgiving Rap verses along with the ethnic instrumentation, makes Bloodywood a truly unique experience.
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